TICA Titles
From Novice to Grand Champion


Have you ever wondered about the titles in TICA? What do all those initials mean? And what does your cat have to do to earn those titles? Wonder no longer!

What titles can my cat earn in TICA? When you first see all the titles available for a cat to earn in TICA, it may look a bit daunting. It really is very easy to understand.

Kittens, 4 - 8 months of age, don't earn titles.

Purebred Registered Whole Cats, 8 months and over, start as a Novice and can earn:

  • Champion

  • Grand Champion

  • Double Grand Champion

  • Triple Grand Champion

  • Quadruple Grand Champion

  • Supreme Grand Champion titles

Purebred Registered Altered Cats (spays and neuters), 8 months and over, start as a Novice and can earn:

  • Champion Alter

  • Grand Champion Alter

  • Double Grand Champion Alter

  • Triple Grand Champion Alter

  • Quadruple Grand Champion Alter

  • Supreme Grand Champion Alter

Household Pets (spays and neuters), 8 months and over, start as a Novice and can earn:

  • Master

  • Grand Master

  • Double Grand Master

  • Triple Grand Master

  • Quadruple Grand Master

  • Supreme Grand Master

Titles are awarded as a cat earns a specified number of points and finals during its show career. Malta qualifies for Isolated Status so we need LESS points than other countries to CH a cat!

Points earned are accumulative across all the Championship and Alter categories for any one cat. If you start your whole cat off and he get as far as earning the title of a Double Grand Champion and then you alter the cat you can continue up the ladder of titles without starting over. So... after altering you would be working on your Triple Grand Champion Alter title. You can also choose to start over if you want. Eg your cat becomes a CH with 200 points at his 1st show ( 50 points more than the 150 + 1 Final needed to CH), now he only needs another 300 points from successive show/s to become a Grand CH as points are not lost!

How are the points earned?

Points are awarded for 1st-5th Best In Color: 25 points for Best in Color, 20 points for Second, and 15 points for Third Best in Color, 10 points for Fourth Best in Color and 5 points for Fifth Best in Color. In the division wins only 1st-3rd apply: Best of Division earns 25 points, Second Best of Division earns 20 points, and Third Best of Division gets 15 points. The points are totaled for each judging ring. If your cat is then called to the final it earns even more points. A Best All breed earns an additional 200 points ( depending on cat count). Second All breed earns an additional 190 points, and so on. A Best Specialty earns 150 points more, and a second gets another 140 points, and so on down the line. 1- 10 Final placings are awarded if more than 25 cats are in competition for that class of cat. If less than 20 cats are competing the placings are 1 – 5.

The TICA Scoring Formula

On the show reports, the cats in each class are listed in descending order by the points earned in finals. The points are calculated according to the TICA Scoring System--the same formula that's used for calculating regional and international awards. The TICA Scoring System is described in the Standing Rules document on the TICA Executive Office Web Site:

For convenience, the points for Allbreed and Specialty rings have been compiled into compact tables:

  • Point Tables

Many exhibitors are unaware of two details regarding the scoring of cats and kittens for regional and international awards:

  1. Scores for regional and international awards include one point for each cat defeated in breed, division or color (whichever is higher). These points are not included when calculating scores for titles.

  2. There is a deduction of finals points for rings with less than 10 cats competing. Specifically, 10 points are deducted for each number of cats less than 10 competing. Again, this deduction is not included when calculating scores for titles.


"That's not how they gave out Best of the Best"

There is no show rule that specifies how Best of the Best should be calculated. As a result, clubs are free to use a variety of methods (and some are pretty strange). In particular, they frequently do not take the number of cats competing into account, so there may be a bias toward longhair or shorthair, if there is a significant difference in the counts or the counts are low. Still, they can do it however they wish. Best of the Best doesn't count for anything with regard to titles or regional and international awards, so it's not worth arguing about it.


So you keep adding the points your cat earns... until he reaches the requirements for his next title! With TICA ALL CATS CAN EARN POINTS. Now that you understand the TICA titles and how they are earned, you will have a better idea of what is happening when you go to a TICA cat show as an exhibitor or as a visitor!